in Canada

Study in Canada

If you are one of those who seek a high quality of life above anything else, Canada is the place for you. It has been consistently ranked by the UN as the number one country in the world to live in. Having a large Asian Diaspora of students, Canada offers a truly international educational experience.
Furthermore, the Canadian degree or diploma is instantly recognized around the world as being of the highest standard. And you get all this at a remarkably low cost…..both in terms of cost of education and the cost of living. Tuition fees for international students in Canada are much lower than comparable countries.
With over 90 universities and 150 colleges and technical institutes, featuring virtually every program imaginable, Canada may just be the place of your dreams.
Turn your dream into reality.

Student Abroad offers you the following options in Canada:
High School Experience abroad
Higher and University Education
Vocational and Career programmes
Graduate Programmes (incl. Under-/ Postgraduate)
Skilled Migration.

A cool place to be

Canada is a very safe country compared with almost anywhere in the world. Political unrest is limited in Canada, crime rates are low and life is pretty cool there
As one of the most multicultural countries in the world, Canada is accepting of all religions. Your right to practice your faith without persecution or discrimination is protected by law. You’ll find Canada to be very friendly and welcoming.
Canada is the second largest country in the world and is one of the world’s richest and most developed countries. Despite the global economic crisis, Canada has low inflation and positive economic growth and presents good trade and investment opportunities for companies, particularly in the renewable energies, food and drink, biotechnology and ICT sectors.
Canadians value the wealth of cultural diversity and social sophistication that international students bring to our campuses and communities. We take great care in looking after international students and helping them adjust to the Canadian way of life.
For more information about these or any other programmes, please contact us to discuss your potential
UK Head OfficeTel: +44 (0)844 5555 480

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