Why you should choose to Study in Canada’s East Coast.

In today’s tough economic climate, making the decision to study at University at all is going to be a difficult one for many parents and students. In the main, study in the UK is going to cost, in tuition fees alone , £9000 – we know that, it is well publicised.
What about the other costs?
Well taking a typical university, your first year will cost you anything from £5000 per year, in accommodation on Campus. You can expect that to be a similar cost, or maybe a fraction more if you share with several other students in years 2, 3 or 4 but don’t forget the cost of everyday UK living to be added.
On top of that you need to take account of Food, Laundry, Telephone, Internet, Transport, Books, Clothing and Bedding. The list is not endless and of course these costs can range from say £3000 to £5000 per year – it depends on the individual. Quite often many students take part time jobs to help cover this, well that is if they can get one in the UK and we all know how hard that is. Any job is hard to find in the UK at the moment.
So discounting those oncosts, let’s look again at the annual costs of study in the UK :
Well mum & dad, you will need to have put away a MINIMUM of £14000 per year at least. So a 3 year course in the UK is going to cost you a MINIMUM of , I’d take a seat if I were you, £42000 !!!
That’s forty two thousand pounds!
A good investment you might think, well that is until you consider how many UK Graduate’s struggle to find a career post graduation – why is that do you think ?
Is it too many graduates ? Too many firsts or just too many of the same degree? Well, that’s not what major companies and business organisations are saying. It is widely recorded and acknowledged that the main reason top flight businesses do not take UK graduates is simply because these graduates cannot offer them any life experience. In truth most businesses prefer to offer their jobs to Graduates of overseas universities.
Let’s focus on Canada’s East Coast
Just 5 hours away by flight and you could be there in a jiffy. How long does it take you to negotiate the M25 and M1 on a Friday evening ? But not just that , there are many other reason’s a student should study In Canada and here are just a few.
Quality Education
The quality of education is among the highest in the world.
Did you know that Canada has a University System based on a history of British Standards and Values ?
Did you know also that some of the world’s oldest and most respected universities are in the East Coast of Canada ?
A Great Lifestyle
Canada is a safe, peaceful country with a high standard of living.
Canada has a multicultural, tolerant society with legal rights for persons of all backgrounds.
You’ll be able to visit some of the most beautiful natural wilderness in the world.
Value for money
The cost of education in Canada is among the lowest in the world.
Did you know that many maximum Tuition Fees in Nova Scotia , Canada are more than 10% less than here in the UK ?

Let’s take a look at some typical costs at today’s exchange rates :
Tuition fees: C$13,000 to C$15,000, less in some cases
Accommodation: Costs vary from $4,000 to $7,500 annually. Canada offers cheaper, cleaner , more modern and more spacious accommodation than what is mostly on offer in the UK !

There are single rooms, double rooms and apartment style rooms and everything is on Campus too. Campus’s in Canada are like small villages. There are jobs too and most students who want seem to get a job on Campus.

Let’s look at the money
Taking the average scenario of Tuition fees and Accommodation costing you C$ 19500 per year, that’s a fraction over £12,000 per year.
Saving you £6000 !!! Maybe more if the exchange rate improves.
….and don’t forget there are also small scholarships available for Students scoring in the top 80% in some cases.
Graduate in Canada – it really is too good an offer not to !
If you like the sound of this and would like to discuss it further please contact us. We can advise of the best available option for you and also arrange Campus tours.

For more information about these or any other programmes, please contact us to discuss your potential
UK Head OfficeTel: +44 (0)844 5555 480


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