Medical And Nursing Students Increasing Go To Latin America To Learn Spanish

According to recent data, the cultural landscape of the United States has been changing in a big way over the past few decades.

[Philadelphia, PA] – April 11, 2011 – Recent census numbers show that more than 50 million citizens of Hispanic descent are now residing in the US, but some estimates put that number at 70 million at the high end. For those that are in positions that involve them working with the public, knowing Spanish then becomes a very strong component of job security as well as an obvious lifeline for those in fields such as nursing, law enforcement or other areas where emergencies must be dealt with that could potentially threaten the health of a Spanish speaking person. A leader in the study abroad industry, AmeriSpan, is currently offering such education via its Medical Spanish programs to help students find a way to learn not only Spanish language skills, but also gain crucial cultural insight that can give them help them give better service. This important knowledge is more readily grasped, say experts, in a live setting than in a classroom. For this reason, many medical and nursing students are anxiously seeking ways to gain these experiences that can help those who work with the public be able to communicate more easily with Spanish speaking patients or their families.

AmeriSpan has found that its popular program is proving valuable to students for more than just the language skills offered. The cultural knowledge that would be difficult to learn any other way also adds to the experience. “Back in 2000, an AMSA (American Medical Student Association) came to us asking us to create a Medical program in Ecuador. It was a big hit. Since then we have greatly expanded the destinations where we offer the program. Ecuador is still really popular but Costa Rica is the most popular, followed by Peru and Honduras,” says AmeriSpan Co-Founder John Slocum. Those who want to learn Spanish in Costa Rica, Ecuador or another country now have a lot more opportunity to do so thanks to the opportunities that AmeriSpan has tailored to the medical and nursing student community.

For those who want to learn more about the AmeriSpan Study Abroad programs offered today, the company has a great deal of information available at, their website. Students can get many more details regarding the various programs in a range of countries that can provide Spanish language skills and the cultural experiences that can provide genuine career growth opportunities.

Founded in 1993, AmeriSpan Study Abroad offers more than 100 study abroad, language-learning and volunteer programs worldwide for participants of all ages and language level. The Philadelphia-based organization has long been an innovator in the study abroad field, building its reputation by offering high quality, low cost language immersion programs. In September 2010, the company was awarded its 2nd consecutive ‘Star Award’ as the Best Agency in North America. The industry’s prestigious Star Award is voted by organizations worldwide and awarded annually.

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