Police beat students in Adelaide following vicious attack !!!!

Yes, that’s right – those Aussie’s are at it again according to this report by ABC Adelaide ……

Police beat International students at Adelaide Oval

A group of 11 international students launched a vicious attack on two South Australian police in the middle of the Adelaide Oval this afternoon. The students opening bowler sent one officer back to the pavilion as the students opened the Community Cup cricket match with a first ball wicket.
It’s the second time the group of University students have played against the South Australian Police team, and the result is always entertaining.
Crowds were treated to a belly dancing display and the South Australian Police Band before the two teams took to the field.
With around 14 – 15,000 Indian students attending different educational establishments in Adelaide, Detective Brevet Sergeant Peter Gladigau from the Sturt CIB said it was the perfect opportunity to connect with the students in a social atmosphere.
“It’s just great to build a repour with those guys, and what better way to do it, through the love of Australia and India, through the love of cricket.”
With the International students comprising of mainly Indian and Pakistani players, Peter was a little curious about some of the new players.
“We gave them a bit of a touch up last year and they actually said they were going to get a few more recruits.”
It wouldn’t be cricket without a little on-field sledging, and Peter said the guys would all be having a lot of fun out on the field.
“I’m sure there’ll be a bit of banter on the ground, and what happens on the ground stays on the ground.
“We’ll have a couple of drinks after and have a laugh about it.”
Hars Imran from the International Students side said it was a dream come true to be able to play on the Adelaide Oval.
Trying to equalise the Community Cup challenge total, Hars was a little nervous about how his squad would go.
“I do hope they are up to the mark for these guys.”
And Hars was more than confident that the Internationals would be able to hold their own in the friendly jibes that would flow out on the field.
“I’m pretty sure there’ll be a fair [bit] of yap if we get a few wickets down.”
No amount of sledging could save the International students though, and after the impressive start of a first ball wicket and dismissing the SAPOL team for 134, the students could only manage 119, defeated by 15.

You can’t ‘Beat’ good old Aussie humour !!!

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