Study abroad gives student a new career path

Studying abroad gives students the opportunity to observe new cultures and diverse populations. One Lincoln student, Harran Holmes, has seized this opportunity as he currently studies abroad 4,000 miles from home.

“I did as much research before I came out but research doesn’t explain how beautiful the culture is,” Holmes said.

A junior from Jersey City, N.J., Holmes is studying in Prague, Czech Republic through the College Consortium for International Students sponsored program at the Anglo-American University.

Holmes is a business and technology major who plans to apply the skills he learns abroad to the real world.

“I think this trip will help me branch off rather than merely being an African American at an African American university,” he said. “It will diversify my outlook on how the world really is.”

He left for Prague early this month and will return home in late May. He is studying marketing, management, financial accounting, computer science and composition.

“The greatest part is that the professors are actual experts in their field. My accounting professor was actually in accounting for a large business in Germany and my marketing professor advertises for world races,” Holmes said.

Explaining his need for a new scene outside of the Lincoln community, Holmes describes his decision to study abroad as an easy one.

“What made me study abroad was how easy the process was, the fact that my family didn’t have to come out of pocket with extra money because the school used all the loans I already had,” he said.

Anticipating his visit to another country and being away from family and friends, Holmes describes the study abroad experience as a quick adjustment. His initial nervousness soon disappeared as his eagerness to learn a new environment and meet new people took over.

“I have made quite a few new friends while here, besides the people that I live with, that I learn something new from everyday about their culture, how they live, where they live and their views on political topics and religious views,” Holmes said.

Now almost two weeks into the program, Holmes’ excitement about Prague’s people and places is evident with each new experience.

“Everything is accessible to easily travel by tram (street cars) or metro (subway),” he said.

“It’s traveler friendly because I can walk any and everywhere my feet can take me.”

Furthermore, Holmes found it easy to adjust to the cultural differences and hopes to see more students take chances as he did and go abroad.

“Black men are so rare that people were sort of star struck that an African American male was studying in Europe,” Holmes said. “I strongly encourage our students, mainly men but women also, to study abroad because it’s a new exciting thing.”

Overall, the mix of being in a diverse country, with new people, places and experiences is opening doors for Holmes and giving him insight into a world he never knew existed.

“As a person I hope to just come back a better person who is well crafted in our economic situations and is able to hold a conversation with someone outside of my ethnic group and not feel out of place,” he said.

Holmes plans to graduate next year and use his study abroad experience to advance his career and strengthen his perspectives.

“The trip has changed my view of the world in general. Before this trip for some strange reason I felt the world was mainly the only two communities I have ever lived, Lincoln’s campus and my hometown,” Holmes said.

“Now I realize that the world is larger than I and is here for me to travel and explore and meet new people.”

Nastassja Hunt, the Lincolnian

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