Canada :Short-Stay Students Say it is Hard to Leave

There are three schools in the Saanich School District that support the International Student Program: Parkland, Stelly’s and Claremont.
Located in beautiful British Columbia near the capital city of Victoria and Sidney by the Sea.
Saanich schools offer a variety of challenging courses. Students have access to exciting academic and elective courses. They can choose classes in languages, music, art, woodworking, computer science, calculus, physics, chemistry, dance, physical education, and drama.
Parkland, Claremont, and Stelly’s are known for hosting a number of successful extracurricular activities. The school grounds and gymnasiums enable a full range of sports activities for our boys and girls inter-school teams. Students have access to first class dramatic art facilities and state of the art audio-visual equipment, allowing them to create mini-films and animations
One thing that is difficult in the Saanich School District is saying good bye :

Every year, the end of November means it is time for those Saanich International Students who come for the three month “short-stay” to return to their home countries.

Anna-Lena from Germany has enjoyed the difference between the school systems here and back home.
“I love to go to school here. For me, it’s better because we have fun at school. I like the semester system, only taking four courses at the one time instead of twelve like we do in Germany. I have Math’s, Biology, Art and Foods so it is a nice mix of subjects.”

Madita has appreciated the approach to teaching and learning that she has experienced. “The relationships with teachers is different here, it’s more relaxed, more friendly, and more helpful. Teachers are always willing to help you after class or at lunchtime.”

Madita has also enjoyed the variety of courses. “In my Outdoor Pursuits class, we went on the Sayward Lakes canoeing and camping trip and I really got to know the Canadian students. There are more opportunities for elective courses here to help you decide what you want to do in the future”.

Merle is impressed with the facilities and activities available at “The climbing gym is awesome. It’s so much fun. You can go there after school, but in Germany I would have to travel a long way to find one. I also joined the school rowing team, I met new people and they were all so helpful.”

Although these students are looking forward to reuniting with family and friends back home, they know it will be a happy but sad time when they have to go.

Madita says, “My host family is amazing and I have met so many International and Canadian friends. It will be hard to say goodbye.”

For Merle, “My family here is awesome. At Thanksgiving we all went to our host grandparents house for a big turkey dinner. I have two host brothers aged two and four and I will miss them so much because back home I don’t have any little brothers.”

Anna-Lena knows it is time to go home but she would like to stay longer. “I love my family here, it will be so difficult to leave. But I hope to bring my own family back to Canada for a holiday and show them all around.”

The fact that Saanich International Students find it hard to leave is a sure sign of the positive impact this program has on so many people.

The Saanich International Student Program,
“Improving our world through global connections.”

For more information about these or any other programmes, please contact us to discuss your potential
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