Discover Vancouver Island, Victoria, and the Saanich Peninsula

A8 Study offers special programmes for high school students seeking a new experience in education. Carefully we select the safest regions, the best schools and the best locations. The Saanich International Student Program is an excellent example of that.

The Saanich International Student Program invites you to join us for an amazing experience in spectacular Beautiful British Columbia, Canada! British Columbia and Vancouver Island enjoys a mild year round climate and the most sunshine in Canada. With an abundance of spectacular scenery from remote wilderness to quaint seaside towns and everything in between, this special place boasts amazing old growth forests, expansive Pacific Ocean seascapes, majestic mountains, an island archipelago, and lush gardens. Vancouver Island was rated the 2nd best Island in North America by Conde Nast Traveller Magazine in 2009 and Travel & Leisure Magazine rates Vancouver Island as the 10th best Island in the World! No wonder it’s a favourite destination among the world’s travellers.

And, Victoria is a vibrant, wholesome, ideal-sized city that is picture perfect! The distinctive old world charm, coupled with stunning coastal scenery and all the services of a modern city are just a few of the reasons why Conde Nast Traveller Magazine’s Reader’s Poll ranked Victoria as the 4th Best City in the Americas.

And there is so much to see and do here! You can experience recreation adventures such as whale watching, ocean kayaking, rainforest adventures, golf, flight seeing, Butchart Gardens and more! Stroll the clean and safe streets while you shop in the 19th century stores, view some of the best Native art in Canada, enjoy one of North America’s oldest Chinatowns, visit the Royal BC Museum, or enjoy some of the finest restaurants featuring West Coast cuisine or the best Microbrew beers the West Coast – we have it all!

Opportunities for high school students can be any length in time but the most popular is one year, Many students also choose to study for 6 weeks or 3 months,
Home stay
Schools in the Saanich district are located in safe, beautiful neighbourhoods. Families from these neighbourhoods are carefully screened to host international students before they qualify. We understand the importance of a quality placement for every student. A well-established company is hired by the District to ensure that students are placed in clean, caring, and safe homes. The School District’s responsibilities also include on-going monitoring of the family and of the student.
In many cases, one of the family’s children already attends the school you are attending. In addition, we try to house the student in a neighbourhood near the school. Please note that the schools are located only a few kilometres from downtown Victoria, and the city transportation service is safe and efficient.
There are three schools in the Saanich School District that support the International Student Program: Parkland, Stelly’s and Claremont. Located in beautiful British Columbia near the capital city of Victoria and Sidney by the Sea.
Saanich schools offer a variety of challenging courses. Students have access to exciting academic and elective courses. They can choose classes in languages, music, art, woodworking, computer science, calculus, physics, chemistry, dance, physical education, and drama.
Parkland, Claremont, and Stelly’s are known for hosting a number of successful extracurricular activities. The school grounds and gymnasiums enable a full range of sports activities for our boys and girls inter-school teams. Students have access to first class dramatic art facilities and state of the art audio-visual equipment, allowing them to create mini-films and animations
For more information about these or any other programmes, please contact us to discuss your potential
UK Head OfficeTel: +44 (0)844 5555 480

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