NZ Taking Lead in Classrooms of the Future

Experts say classrooms without pens and paper, and entire lessons given online, could soon be the classrooms of the future and New Zealand secondary schools are leading the way, writes New Zealand Educated.

A Ministry of Education pilot programme at Howick College urges students to use their cellphones in the classroom rather than keep them at home.

And students seem to be pleased with the use of the technology, one saying it’s a new way of learning.

Howick College science teacher Steve Martin said learning was more open. “You’re not confined to the four walls of the classroom anymore, the teaching and learning is outside those four walls.”

But Howick College isn’t the only school pushing boundaries – at Wellington High, paper is on the way out.

Two thirds of Year Nine students have netbooks. Every student has their own blog and high tech programmes let students work like professionals.

Teachers also create lessons online, meaning students and parents can check in anytime.

Wellington High teacher Ben Britton said it’s changed the way he has been able to teach.

“It allows me so much more versatility.”

But it’s not just big city schools making changes. Tikipunga High in the Far North is one rural school making the most of technology.

They are part of the Virtual Learning Network, giving some 2,000 rural children the same opportunities as those in the city.

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